Best Dirt Jump Bikes Reviews and Buying Guide

best Dirt Jump Bikes
There are lot of quality jump bikes available at the price range £500 to £700 but few jump bikes are very popular and exist more than a decade. Many beginners and serious riders easily tell the names of every popular jump bikes and frames which are still recommended for its intended use. These dirt jump bikes and frames are of great value for money and more than enough to have unlimited fun.
We cannot expect all the bikes to have same weight but we can search for light weight bikes without compromising on strength. Some popular all-rounder dirt jump bikes have added weight and it does not mean that it is unfit for dirt jump. Sometimes they are also materialised and designed for 4x and dual slalom racing apart from dirt jumping, so the added weight keeps the frame strong and take up serious course.

The following collections of jump bikes are not categories in any order because it is unfair to number them. The evaluation of these bikes is based on user experience, expert report and the reputation of the bike manufacturer. All these jump bikes are proven in the track and well known to both intermediates and advanced riders.

Top Dirt Jump Bikes


NS Metropolis 2 Dirt Jump Bike

Metropolis 2 Jump Bike

Metropolis 2 Jump Bike

NS metropolis 2 is a readily built pure dirt jump bike made for park and slopestyles, it is a very light weight bike weighs just 12.9 kilos. You cannot find any mistake in this jump bike and it features reliable spec which does not trouble you to upgrade the parts at the time of purchase.

If you can afford the bike then worth the price and it is comparably better than Specialised P2 bike and Kona Shred. This jump bike has similar geometry as the Suburban and NS Suburban bike is the most sort out frame which is commonly chosen for slopestyle and dirt jump sports.

Metropolis 2 is built with Cromoly material from NS and got whole bunch of new high end components, making them significantly lighter and better than its competitors. The top of the line Marzocchi DJ3 fork feature coil preload and hydraulic damping which makes it robust yet light weight.

The integrated seat post combo with high end tyre from Kenda saves more weight. This single speed bike comes with Avid disc brake for good stopping power.

The Bottom Bracket is made with sealed bearing and strongly built crank is fully finished with tubular Cromoly for more stiffness. NS Metropolis 2 cost you around £700 and if you cannot afford then you can try Metropolis 3 series that cost £100 lesser. In order to keep the price low NS has made Metro 3 frame with Trimoly and down tube, top tube, chainstays are made with Cromoly material and does not come disc brake.

This dirt jump bike is not an all-round jump bike like NS Central nor is it built for such purpose. You can also ride the bike for 4x racing by changing to bolder tyres.

Good: Light weight Cromoly frame and dedicated dirt jump bike for slopestyles and park
Bad: Not much


Norco One25 Jump Bike

Norco One25 is much similar to NS Metropolis 2 but surprisingly it comes with Avid Juicy 3 disc brake with 160mm rotor on both front and rear. Wide handlebar, powerful brakes, Marzocchi DJ3 100mm fork are all collectively more favourable to dirt jumping.

The top tube and down tube are fully butted and made with chromoly steel which is very strong and supportive for jumps. This strong frame is a great advantage for Norco One25 and it can handle anything that you throw at it. Tyres worn out soon and the pedals are of low quality and slippery, rear hub is not up to the mark and this hub is from Norco own brand.

Though this jump bike feature full chromoly frame, Norco could not find better way to save some weight by using light weight components. It is a little heavy than NS Metropolis 2 and this may be due to added weight in rim and tyres.

This dirt jump bike has standard geometry that you can find in any other pure jump bikes and it is a rock solid bike great for beginners to intermediate riders. You can even customise the bike and put bolder tyres for freeride, hardtail. This single speed bike is a perfect combination of active BMX and strong MTB, much stronger than Kona Stuff and Gaint STP 0.

Average component setup of this bike does not help serious riders but beginners and intermediates can have fun because it is easy to ride and has short chainstay. This jump bike cost you £695 and great bike to start for DJ/street daily ride and posses great sprinting capabilities. You might end up upgrading a lot of components later due to its average component setup.

Good: Strong frame, good geometry and more room for customization
Bad: Below the average component setup and not up to the mark

Although it does not come with a best bike phone mount, you might get one from amazon or any other online shops.

NS Suburban Dirt Jump Bike Frame

NS Suburban is the most famous jump bike frame works great for skate park/street and dirt jumps. It is a new style of hybrid/custom made street mountain bike frame designed by riders.

This bike frame uses custom made NS frame material which has heat treated tubing with double butted steel. With the help of heat treated process the frame withstand the stress and although it is light weight it is very strong. This is an incomparable bike frame and you cannot find any weak parts in and around the frame.

It is made with good bolt on cable guides and provides options for derailleur if needed. The geometry of this frame sets an example for any pure jump bikes which are stronger and lighter.

This dirt jump bike frame geometry well accompanies 80mm to 100mm of travel fork and also good to ride on rigid forks. By fixing suitable derailleur this frame can be used for 4x racing and has a freeride, hardtail style with BMX look and feel.

Basically NS Suburban is a light weight frame and the overall weight of the full bike depends on what type of components you choose to build the bike. Adjustable brake mount with sleek design and tight geometry are the added advantage for this frame. It gives good stand over height with short seat tube setting. T

his NS bike frame does not feature bolder tubes like Kona bikes rather it portrays slim tubes without compromising on performance. The frame is so stiff and has the benefit of short chainstay which gives good manoeuvrability. The steep headangle gives natural riding position for tech street and dirt jump. This bike frame opens up the option for both 24” and 26” wheels with shorter rear end. Both beginners and intermediates can have a natural feel on the complete built bike. The frame weighs around 2.4 kg which is easier to jump, hop and spin.

Good: strong frame and options to fix both 24” and 26” wheels, right geometry for dirt jump
Bad: Not much

Cove Sanchez Jump Bike Frame

Cove Sanchez is also a fully butted chromoly frame but burlier, weighs nearly 3kg which is 600gms more than NS Suburban frame. Fully built bike comes around 13 kg this means that you need to put little effort to move extra distance out of a jump for safe landing. Though the frame is heavy a fully built bike could be managed to have lighter side and it last for longer time. There are good credentials such as shorter rear end, greater stiffness and burly look that differentiate this bike frame from others.

The frame has a relaxed geometry that is stable at high speed, surprisingly the chainstay length is 16.3” when compared to other dirt jump bikes. Longer chainstay and slacker headangle seems to be a bit conservative design but it does not mean that it is sluggish to ride. Initially you feel difficult to manual this bike than some of the shorter chainstay bike but once you get used to it then the bike feels amazing.

This steel frame has its own benefit, great to ride in BMX/4X track and fun to go for big jumps but less amazing on skatepark because the frame has big wheelbase and slacker headangle. Many riders expect a stable riding position in 24” wheels but it is little difficult to achieve in a shorter frame. Cove Sanchez manages to achieve stable riding position on 24” wheels by providing enough room for movement at high speed, we must really appreciate the old school style 67.5 degree head tube angle and dropped top tube.Dirt Jump Bikes

Like all other dirt jump bike, Cove Sanchez frame also feature tall front end which gives perfect riding position. The front end nicely leaps over the board and hops too for performing better tricks in the air. With the help of horizontal dropout and adjustable rear disc mount, this light weight frame can run on both 24” and 26” wheels.

Good: Burly frame last longer, longer chainstay and slacker headangle (oldschool design). Stable ride on 24” wheels and stable at high speed
Bad: A little heavy frame than some of the other pure dirt jump bike


Mongoose Ritual Street Dirt Jump Bike

Mongoose Ritual Street jump bike has decent component setup and great value for the money spent. Mongoose jump bikes always have unique style that differentiates them from other DJ bikes and Ritual Street is not exceptional. With suitable silver colour rigid frame and purple colour anodized rim, this model jump bike looks like a decorative machine.

It is a great bike with neat frame featuring latest trend in geometry which gives more control and power while performing airborne tricks in slopestyle and street. The frame is nicely built and bombproof, can make it for what ever you ride. Manitou does a great job by fixing Circus 100mm, the most adjustable jump bike fork providing preload, rebound adjust with steel steerer and stanchion. You can get most out of this bike if you are looking at this bike as a daily ride.

The CroMo steel frame forms an excellent base to start your training from the scratch. This jump bike cost you around £700 and most of the cost goes to the frame and other high end components such as frame, fork, crank and rim. It is so sad that at this price range Ritual Street feature only mechanical disk brakes from Tektro. Seatpost and saddle are of average quality and handlebar with stem comes from home brand Mongoose to enhance the look of the bike. Front and rear alloy disc hubs are absolutely dependable from Formula.

It is moderately weighed dirt jump bike not too heavy or too light and excellent for DJ/street, skatepark. It is a great urban bike with short chainstay length and 21.9” top tube length, all this characteristic assures for pure dirt jump bike enables you to plan on riding trails and street like on a BMX bike.

Good: Bombproof frame, great style with combination colours
Bad: Mechanical disc brakes and few below the average component setup

Identiti 666S Jump Bike Frame

Identiti wants to create a bike that should not be limited to 24” so the riders would have more choice, the results is 666S which is the refined version of the best selling and old model frame 666X. Identiti 666S is an aggressive and affordable dirt jump bike frame that really helps beginners to have unlimited fun.

This intimidating rig powerfully rolls on the ramp and readily made to take up any challenge you throw at it. Identiti 666s is available as full bike or frame only option, complete bike cost you £650 and frame £250. This bike frame will fulfil all the things that you wanted for a bike because its solid frame gives options to ride on both 24” and 26” wheels using adjustable dropout system. It is easy to flick around, delivers the power nicely in the rear end and manuals super easy. This steel frame is supplied with replaceable ADS dropouts as standard component which is made with alloy material and light weight in nature.

You can also fit 24” wheel specific short dropout to achieve 15” chainstay length to make the rear end more BMX and it is quick to loopout with 24” setup. It is a universal frame that opens up the options for more trail specific or handling shorter tail 24” jump bike. With the help of adjustable dropout system the bike frame can run hub gears, derailleur gears or single speed in both 24” and 26” wheelbase.

You can try any combination of disc brakes using nutted axles or QR skewers. Surprisingly the weight of the frame is low at a great price and thanks to the shorter rear end that enables you to hop and jump way easier on dirt or slopestyle. It is an outstanding all rounder dirt bike frame made with double butted tubing and the most forgiving frame that rolls out safe and straight. It balance better and you will feel easier when trying for airborne tricks.

Good: strong and light weight frame, replaceable dropout system, affordable price, Runs in both 24” and 26” wheels
Bad: Not much


Kona Shred Dirt Jump Bike

Kona Shred is also an all-rounder dirt jump bike that does everything from street to little downhill. It is the most versatile bike that easily transforms between singletrack downhill to BMX park. This do-everything bike is in little heavier side and made with jump-proof aluminium frame that give good balance and feel lively while performing jumps.

This trail bike cum dirt jump gives you a natural hardtail riding position that enables all the riders to try freeride and cross country style. This jump bike is a good introduction to intermediates and despite its burliness, the bike is solid enough to do intense acrobatic jumps. It is a less aggressive bike and the agility of the bike is a little sluggish for pure jumps due to its burlier built. Kona shred has tall front end, short stem and longer handlebar which are good to go airborne.

This Kona jump bike is materialised not only for pure jumps but also for handling some freeride, little downhill, cruising up hills and sprint around single track. It comes with decent spec and has great value for money. Smaller components such as grip, handlebar, seatpost, saddle are from Kona own brands and you cannot expect much from this setup.

The drive train is taken care by Shimano and this bike has good pair of stock tyres from Maxxis roller that handles intense ride. It comes with entry level suspension Marzocchi DJ3 and apart from major component setup others can be easily upgradable. Kona shred is one of the best jump bikes to experience hardtail freeride biking and it is worth your money to upgrade if you want the bike to get technically better. .

Good: Bomb-proof frame, all rounder, lot of room for customisation
Bad: Burlier built and not a pure jump bike


DMR Transition Jump Bike

DMR Transition is a pure breed of jump bike for dirt hills and urban playgrounds. It is a versatile bike with race geometry made especially for Dirt/street specific. There is no micro gearing and features longer rear end which gives more power while riding and more stability while airborne. It a hybrid mountain-jump bike proved to be a more race version dirt jumper. This mountain bike is materialised with heat treated tubing and FSA fully integrated headset. It comes with 80mm Marzocchi DJ3 suspension fork that gives less edgy feel over tight head angle. It is a single speed MTB styled jump bike available in both 24” and 26” inch wheelbase complete bike, you can also choose frame only option.

DMR swarm stem and heat treated Wingbar gives good manoeuvrability and DMR own super a heavy duty Moto tyre does its job for street/dirt jump beating. Cult crank with DMR rim with matching colour hubs adds more style to the bike. You feel the heaviness first when you start riding the bike and it so solid that lets you confidently thrash the dirt hills.

Its edgy wingbar with tight head angles along with racy BB shell lets you forget the weight and allows you to keep riding. Stronger rear wheel with single speed half link chain increases bike speed. Specifically designed drive-train gives great momentum and pushes bike with good agility while airborne. Read detail review on DMR Transition 26in jump bike.

Good: Hybrid mountain-jump bike specially made for street/dirt jump, good spec and available in both 24” and 26” wheelbase
Bad: Solid bike and you feel little heaviness in the first ride but you will get used to it


Specialized P2 Dirt Jump Bike

Specialized P2 dirt jump bike is originated from home grown progressive hardtail, which is actively designed for dirt jump. Featuring slating frame design with 80mm Marzocchi DJ3 fork and not missed BMX style rear end by adapting to extremely relieved head tube and slanting top tube towards the seatpost.

The frame design is based on existing P version design with longer top tube and shorter back end. High ground clearance Bottom Bracket and 6mm dropout adds little more challenge while performing street and dirt park duties. Little raised alloy bar with flanged grip stem gives good support when the bike launched up a dirt ramp. Alloy platform pedals and sealed bearing hubs are the versatile boosters to improve the acceleration when pushing the bike over the dirt ramp.

This jump bike comes with mechanical disc brake from Avid and SRAM 8 speed gear. It does not come with chain tug that actively helps you for chain tensioning. Short chainstay construction gives solid support, which obviously boost the bounce with faster acceleration on the inclined dirt ramp. Kenda bolder tyres increase the confidence and provide easy handling while returning from airborne.

This single speed mountain bike is available with 26” wheelbase, which spins faster enough for consistent bounce compared with any other wheel size. This jump bike cost you £700 and getting a 26” jump bike from one of the largest mountain bike producer like Specialized is great and awesome. Read detail review on Specialized P2.

Good: BMX style component setup such as shorter rear end, BB, 6mm dropout, slanting top tube and flanged grip stem
Bad: Not much


Charge Blender Dirt Jump Bike Frame

Charge Blender is naturally a 4X racing bike frame but with right mix of geometry and agility makes it an all-rounder dirt bike. This bike frame is made with strong Sanko double butted Cro mo steel material. The purpose behind building the blender frame with double butted steel is to withstand the severe beating on tracks and provides more compliance on tuff trail.

The rear end is purposely made very stiff to give maximum control at high speed. This steel frame is not in a lighter side and the weight of the full bike totally depends on the type of components you choose to build the bike. With the right mix of quality tyres and race specs, riders can make full potential of the frame.

Whether it is for 4x racing or only dirt jumping the frame can give you what you want. At 68deg headangle the bike frame is too slacker and suitable for only selective courses.

Whether you knock around local dirt jumps or going for steepest 4X course the slacker head angle makes you feel total control but find little difficult to withstand many heavy landings initially. This four cross bike frame comes with super slack 66deg seat angle that keeps the saddle away from the body to try many non-orthodox tricks.

The seatpost is short and feels better than BMX for riders having average height and they can have better pedalling efficiency. Due to its super slack seat angle the top tube feel like shorter though having a natural length of 21.6 inch. Being an all-rounder bike you cannot expect the bike to move around easily as the Identiti 666S and DMR Transition but definitely more controlled than Kona Shred. This jump bike frame gives more stable ride on both short course downhill and slopestyle/park but needs more than 80mm fork travel.

Good: All rounder bike frame, right mix of geometry for 4x racing and dirt jump, strongly built to take up heavy beatings
Bad: Too slacker headangle for 4x racing

Finding the Best Car Stereo

best car sterio

First check the in-dash receiver to learn how much space it has and the dimensions of your  car stereo system should be. Purchasing  car stereo system that is too big or too small will cause trouble, therefore you should always take the right measurements and ask about the best car stereo for your type of car. Search for car discount stereo to find a good deal.Many people will agree that finding the best car stereo system that works both for your car and your style seems to be easier said than done. The reason could be because you really will need to plan it in advance before you pay money for since you will not want to waste a dollar on experiment. You can start by create in your mind the look of  car stereo you want and try to do research on the car audio result and quality you prefer for your car. Below are some tips on how to choose a stereo to help you further in your search.

Good Amplifiers For Your Best Car Stereo

Best Car StereoWhen it is time for you to take an action, you should remember to search for good amplifiers for your best car stereo since they are the ideal devices to make the entire sound system in the car work together and function well; granting you the best entertainment and music of all. Amplifiers help make clearer audio by eliminates any distortions and unnecessary noise the car audio typically has.

Bigger amplifiers usually have more power so that you have more control to adjust and improve the sound. Make sure you get the best amplifiers available for your car stereo as they affect the speakers directly. Low quality amplifiers can damage the speakers, therefore install your amplifier in a good place; a cold and dry place with good ventilation.

Best Car Speakers

The head unit signifies the visual look of your best car stereo system on the dash board. Nowadays, you may have to stay away from old cassette players, instead start looking for the newest head units that has CD’s, DVD’s, mp3’s and the other most recent media platforms available. When you find a multifunctional head unit, match with your  car stereo and look good on your dashboard, you can then purchase it for as long as it fits and compatible with the rest of your  car stereo the components.

While looking for car discount stereos, you will find that there are many features available in the most recent head unit models, and they are designed for the driver to make adjustment as simple as possible so that the driver can keep concentrate on the road. You will find head units you can program to automatically adjust sound volume as your car runs.

Other important factors in choosing the best car stereo system is that you find the best car speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, and a remote system. These are recommended part to make the music choices have a good variety of instruments


Adjusting Car Stereo Adapter for Your Car Audio System

Best Car Stereo

For some people, purchasing a car stereo system is as complicated as purchasing the car itself. Especially for people who are purchasing a used car. It is often found that the stereo system does not meet the qualifications or the taste of owners’ likeliness. Here, you can upgrade your stereo system using a car stereo adapter.

Old cars are still using a used stereo. Here, you can upgrade your car stereo system to play your MP3 using the tool of cassette adapter. Use a cassette as your stereo adapter whiles you listen to your favorite songs in MP3 player. The work is also very simple. You can simply connect your headphone socket on your own MP3 player along to your cassette adapter. Because of using old stereo system, simply put the cassette and play the tape on your stereo. By this way, the cassette adapter plays songs on your MP3 player. It is a very convenient way. It is also cost cheaper than changing all the stereo system.

In order to create best stereo in your own, you can start collecting your stereo system components. To get the best car stereo, you need to integrate all the components that surely become great when working together. There is equalizer. It is become one of the most important components for the stereo system. It works best with speaker equalizer system where it helps to harmonize the sounds and allows you to make a comfortable adjustment.

The Basic Of  Car Stereo Adapter

Speakers system might be the most sensitive component in your car stereo system. The level of sensitivity on your car component speakers also influencing the use of electricity needed. The higher the speaker system sensitivity will be, the system will generate low electricity; and vice versa. Other component is woofer or sound woofer, as some people might refer. Sound woofer is best when it comes with a lightweight and stiff product. With this kind of materials, the woofer could result lower and softer sounds. There are other specific materials made that you can choose along with your needs.

As creating the best car stereo adapter, all you have to make an underline is to look up for affordable speakers. There are lots of choices of speakers and car audio systems in the market, but most of them are priced pretty expensive. You can make a slight simpler adjustment by using a stereo adapter, rather than changing all the systems. However, it is still best to considerate that you will be buying lower quality speakers since it could be the most expensive items for your new stereo systems. As long as it resulting a good sound quality, there is nothing to ashamed of.

You can simply go online for some reviews and information on some different models and brands of stereo adapter to suit your needs best. The online stores and some websites will help you with the information and reviews they have. Some forums under the related subject will also help you to gain as many information as you wish in the product to help you decide the right car stereo adapter for your car.