Now I’ve gone and done it…

4011430276_251bcd9759_oAgainst all of the advice I give my colleagues and friends and all of the advice I’ve ever been given – I’m changing the topic of my blog, slightly.  Okay, a lot.

Normally, I would say, pick a subject and stick to it so as not to alienate your audience.  In this case, it’s really more of an addition than a change – I want to write about the things I’m passionate about.  When I redesigned this blog, I decided those things were the Air Force, Technology and Volunteer Management.  At that time in my life, I was immersed in all of those things.  Now, I’ve started a new job and I’m spending less time thinking about Technology and way more time thinking about the much blogged about topic of Social Media.

That’s right, I’m going to start adding my ideas about SOCMED to the already mountainous pile of crap content that already exists on the subject.

To be clear:

I am not an expert – not even close.

I think I have some insights into the space purely from the perspective that I work for a company that has embraced this platform as a way to reconnect with it’s diverse and large customer base.  Are my ideas gospel?  Hell no.  They’re just that, my ideas.  Some of them are working for us, and some of them aren’t.  Sometimes I’m just full of shit.

So, here we go, take it for what it’s worth.

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2 Responses to “Now I’ve gone and done it…”

  • Gregg says:

    Good for you Scott – just by the fact that you actually work in Social Media you are more qualified to speak on this than MANY of the so-called experts who just spend their time trying to dupe people into believing they have any expertise.

    Good luck with the change.

  • scottfmurphy says:

    Thanks Gregg! Your contributions to the space aren’t small either – you guys do some innovative stuff. Keep it up!

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