Write me a letter for a chance to win a Netbook

2972528931_c40e44161e_oI know you’re all going to be surprised, but I’m having a Twitter contest.

Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, it’s not what you would think of as a traditional Twitter contest.  I don’t care if you follow me, you don’t have to re-tweet something (although I’d appreciate it if you would, I’d love a lot of entries), all I want you to do is write me a letter and send it to me in the mail.

Here’s the contest:

  1. Write me a letter explaining why you should win the prize (listed below)
  2. The letter has to be hand written or typed on a typewriter
  3. You have to include a return address (this is where I will ship the prize)
  4. You also have to include your Twitter ID so I can congratulate you on Twitter for being the winner
  5. The contest will begin today and all letters must be postmarked no later than February 4th

The prize is:
Asus 10.1 ATOM N270/250G HDD/1GB Win 7 Netbook

You can view the exact specs here.

My address is:
Scott F. Murphy
434 W Diversey Pkwy., APT 2B
Chicago, IL 60614

Once I’ve received all of the entries, I will judge them and post the top 5 letters.  Then I will post a Twitter based poll where you can select the letter that you think is best.  That person will be the winner.  Once the winner is selected, I will ship the Netbook directly to them.

Legal jargon:

  • Void where prohibited
  • Must be of legal age in your state to enter the contest
  • I am not liable for anything bad that happens to you because you win this Twitter contest
  • The prize is subject to change based on availability, but will be the same specifications or better than those listed here
  • The prize must be shipped to an address with in the United States
  • You must have a Twitter ID to enter – i.e. you must be a Twitter user, you don’t have to be active, you just have to have an account
  • By entering, you agree to these rules and agree that you are eligible to enter

This contest is in no way associated with my employer Sears Holdings – it is completely my contest and no endorsement is implied or should be assumed.


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