Promotion is a reality people! Accept it or move to a shack in the mountains.

I recently read a tweet from someone I have a lot of respect for, granted it was a re-tweet from someone else.  The whole thing has been sticking in my mind for almost 2 weeks.  The message was:

“Folks on social media want to talk to customer service and product experts not Marketers.”

Blanket statements like this drive me absolutely nutso.  The fact is, promotion finds it’s way into almost every facet of our lives, it goes where we are.  There’s no denying it, there’s no controlling it.  The best you can do is accept it and try to make it into something that people might be interested in.

To say that people participating in social networks don’t want to be promoted to may be true, but that’s like saying marketers shouldn’t be on TV because people only watch TV for information and entertainment.  What is TV like without promotion?  Look at CSPAN – have you ever watched CSPAN?!?!?  I would use public television as an example, but even public television has elements of promotion.

I think everything has to be balanced, the company I work for does a very good job of balancing promotion with entertainment, expertise and customer service.  I think a lot of companies struggle to find that balance.

The best advice I can give: keep it personal and transparent.


3 Responses to “Promotion is a reality people! Accept it or move to a shack in the mountains.”

  • Kimmerson says:

    In many ways there is a convergence of customer service and honest promotion that social media serves. It is the WHY that people have been looking for. Why did this happen?, Why is this what I should buy?, etc. This deeper way of reaching people is why Social Media has grown so quickly, and why I don’t see it going anywhere for people or marketers.

  • Lenny says:

    Agreed (on both sides) I wish there were not commercials on TV. I HATE being advertised to, but I also recognize TV would be a VERY expensive luxury if it wasn’t for Ad revenue. The same goes for news papers and websites. Services like facebook would have a monthly fee without advertisers and news papers would be ungodly expensive.

    To go over to social media marketing… thats just a silly thing to complain about since it’s essentially opt-in advertising. If you don’t like what the person running the (insert store name here) twitter / facebook is saying… umm delete them.

  • Jennifer says:

    Like and agree. It’s a major reality check, like finding out the electric and gas bills don’t pay themselves and that your parents don’t go to work for fun, but to pay the bills. Folks to need to grow up and realize none of these networks can afford to exist for long without marketers. While no one wakes up in the morning wanted to be sold, the very platforms the afford us the freedom and audience to complain about such things are funded by…guess who…wait for it…MARKETERS!

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