Why do the loudest complainers always get the best customer service?

Angry scottfmurphyI experienced some really kick ass customer service this past weekend at the North Michigan Avenue Apple store.  Why?  In this particular case it wasn’t because I complained loudest – although I’m sure that would have netted me the same result – it was because I knew someone that worked there and she gave me an inside tip.  While I was sitting there having my camera lens replaced on my iPhone, I started to think about why the great service I received wasn’t the norm.

Why do the loudest complainers always get the best customer service?

Why isn’t that level of customer service just the norm.  A perfect example is the notorious Comcast – their general customer service absolutely sucks, but if you scream bloody murder on Twitter, they tend to act a little more quickly.  I guess what I’m suggesting is wouldn’t we all be a lot more satisfied as consumers if every company went the extra mile BEFORE we get all fired up?

What are your thoughts on customer service?

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3 Responses to “Why do the loudest complainers always get the best customer service?”

  • TheFemGeek says:

    I agree and even though they’ve always been behind, it was a hard choice leaving T-Mobile to go to AT&T. I’ll admit I have never received bad customer service from AT&T wireless (never really had to call for anything) the service I received from T-Mobile was outstanding, helpful and soooo pleasant. If they had the iPhone I would have never left

  • Shannon B says:

    I completely agree. The Comcast example is perfect- a company that doesn’t take notice unless you throw an absolute fit. This is a customer service fail at it’s very core. Working in the guest service field for more than 5 years, I can tell you that the clients that keep their cool, act with respect and don’t demand things- I am the most likely to help. I’m not sure where the breakdown is with big corporations and why they don’t operate with the same values. Peculiar to say the least.

  • Scott – that’s exactly why I hired a 20 year customer service person as my business secretary. Not only can she type/do word processing/read the mail/pay the bills, but she can also talk to clients with the respect and understanding that they deserve.
    She goes the extra mile to followup after jobs, talk to clients about their concerns, and deal with the occasional irate customer.
    We got one such irate customer 2 weeks ago – a young man who called and claimed that the amount we charged was a crime, and that his aging mother didn’t know any better. He said he’d report us, give us bad reviews, everything that he could to make sure we “never worked again”.
    After 3 hours on the telephone with him (on and off) the secretary finally figured out his plan: bribe us into giving him the service for free. You see, he’d done this with the last two service companies that worked on his mom’s house – and yes, gotten his money back, rather than have the trouble of a bad review online.
    My wiz of a secretary took all this info, and listened to the customer complain for those three hours, and politely told him that the boss would think about reducing the rate. Next day, the fellow called back and apologized, and said he’d leave it all alone. Apparently he’d been harried by his wife and needed to vent. (Hmmm…)
    Sometimes a kind ear and a shoulder to cry on is needed – and a good customer service person will do that for clients.

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